World’s first motorized, rotating fine needle biopsy
The CytoCore is designed to rotate a 25-22g needle at the time of biopsy to collect more cellular material, in fewer passes, using the smallest needles.

Majority of patients require only one pass for adequacy

Diagnostic comparability to a core biopsy using 25-22g fine needles

Non-diagnostic rates of 3% or lower


  • Compatible with any fine needle
  • Pencil grip design allows for single hand operation while imaging


  • CytoCore rotates the needle at the press of a button during biopsy
  • The spinning motion shears off large intact clusters of cells


  • Improve your soft tissue biopsy outcomes and workflow with the CytoCore motorized fine needle biopsy device


Fine needle biopsy device designed to produce samples sufficient for both cytological and histological evaluation and is approved for use in any soft tissue.